Taking Down The Shotgun

a. Once you have checked that the chambers contain no cartridges, close the gun once again, b Unlock the fore-end and move it lorwards (see «Assembly». §2) Make sure that the catch is out of its recess c. With the stock firmly held under your arm, open the gun and carefully disengage the barrels from the action frame Press the catch back into its recess between the small hooks and lock the fore-end iron to avoid damaging the wood. Note

If necessary, the fore-end iron can be separated from the two barrels by unscrewing the screw holding the fore-end diamond (36) and removing this (Fig. 12). The fore-end wood must then be carefully slid forwards and removed from the barrels Do not strip your shotgun any further! Limit yourself to the removal of the barrels and, possibly, of the fore-end iron, which is enough for normal servicing. Further stripping should be entrusted to a competent gunsmith.

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