The Browning 25 shotgun is one of the greatest masterpieces produced by an unequalled imaginalion, the crowing achievement of the life of a great inventor and the technical testament of an incomparable master : John Moses Browning

Fabrique Nationale Herstal, heir to the Liège area's world-famous craftmanship. has made this «best gun» for you in this great gunmaker's tradition.

The Browning 25 over and under offers :

- a wide range of special models specifically adapted to various types of game and clay shooting. In particular, the most careful attention has been given to the balance and weight

- the ruggedness which has established its reputation. Throughout the gunmaking process, this shotgun has been subject to innumerable inspection operations in order to guarantee the quality and precision of the component parts. To these may be added all the manual operations designed to ensure perfect assembly. The care given to adjusting the barrels to the action frame and to achieving a perfect match between the bearing surfaces of the top lever and of the recoil faces is one of the fundamental factors which guarantees the long service life of the Browning over and unders

- unsurpassed safety in use due. amongst other reasons. to the carefully studied balance of the action parts. The sears and hammers are extremely securely caught Moreover, the trigger mechanism cannot operate as long as the gun is not locked The particularly strict selection of the steels used and the judicious choice of the French walnut not only tor the wood's weight and strength but for its appearance as well, give your shotgun the individuality and exceptional character typical of Browning guns Your Browning 25 has been subject to operating, accuracy and endurance tests in compliance with the Fabrique Nationale Herstal specifications. It has also been subject to the special tests carried out at the Liège Proof House ( 1.200 bars for the 12 bore, 1.400 bars for the 20 bore, or close to twice the maximum pressure developped by commercially available cartridges).

With a minimum of care, your Browning 25 shotgun will give you many years of satisfaction. Before using the shotgun for the first time, we recommend that you carefully read through the instructions which follow.

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