Reinstalling the Bolt Assembly

1 With the gun inverted, place the bolt assembly in the receiver with the rear of the

bolt touching the recoil spring follower.

2 Hold the slide assembly in an inclined position (see Figure 11) and insert the assembly so that it rests on the shelf on the inside of the receiver.

3 With a screw driver, reach down in back of the slide assembly and push back on the recoil spring follower so that the rear of the slide assembly will clear the drive spring

Browning Automatic Assembly

shells in compliance with federal migratory-bird regulations. If you do not wish to be limited to three shots — when it is not required by law — you can remove (or reinstall) the three shot adapter (plug) as follows:


1 First, make certain the gun is totally unloaded and the "safety" is "on safe."

Figure follower. Lower the rear end of the slide assembly. (See Figure 12.)

4 With your Fingers, reach down and grasp the bolt head and move it slightly forward until the slide assembly will go down at the rear end.

5 Push the bolt and slide assembly fully forward into the locked position. While holding the rear of the link with long nose pliers. push back on the recoil spring follower until the link can be engaged.

6 Position the operating handle back into the bolt through the ejection port, snapping it firmly in place.

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