Reassembly Of Groups Into

Screw barrel into barrel extension. Insert the barrel and the barrel extension (head space adjustment having been made) into receiver from the rear. Slide the barrel forward carefully with the left hand until the lower projection of the barrel extension butts against bottom plate of receiver. Grasp lock frame arrd place accelerator claws between rear face of barrel extension and forward faces of T lug extension, inserting at the same time the forward projections of the lock frame into their corresponding grooves in the barrel extension. Push forward on the lock frame: which will tip back accelerator claws and will compress barrel plunger spring, thus locking lock frame to barrel extension. (During this operation the trigger bar must pass between the two accelerator claws, otherwise it will interfere with the accelerator tips and prevent them proceeding rearwards.) Ensure the lock frame is securely locked to the barrel extension ; raise and push forward into the receiver the assembled barrel, barrel extension and lock frame ; push in trigger pin, when the whole assembly can be pushed fully forward home, making sure of this by seeing trigger pin reseats itself in its recess in the right side of receiver. Test that everything is home by pulling on the lock frame spacer rearwards. Insert bolt, making sure extractor is in position, and that cocking lever is in fully forward position.

Insert bolt handle. Push forward cover latch, replace pistol grip and back plate. Pull cover latch to rear, locking back plate in position. Pull bolt handle to rearmost position andj with it so held, insert screw-driver or base of bullet into slit of driving rod, push in and turn anti-clockwise to horizontal position, thus releasing driving spring. Allow bolt to return to forward position,

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