Throughout The Loading Process Make Certain The Rifle Is Pointed In A Safe Direction

1 Be sure that the chamber is empty and the hammer is lowered to the half-cock position with the hammer folded forward.

2 Detach the magazine by pulling down on the magazine release button with the index finger (Figure 8). The magazine will slide easily from its recess.

3 To load the MAGAZINE:

Cartridges are loaded by pressing them downward until they are retained by the rim of the magazine. Insert cartridges into the detachable box magazine. The correct caliber is inscribed on the right side of the barrel.

4 With the bolt closed and the hammer in the folded-down hammer position, reinsert the loaded magazine into the rifle. A sharp, metallic click will indicate that the magazine is fully inserted and engaged with the magazine latch.



Pull down to release magazine

5 To load a cartridge in the CHAMBER:

With the rifle pointed in a safe direction, a cartridge can be chambered by cycling the lever. Then, carefully lower the hammer to the half-cock, fold-down position after chambering the cartridge. Afterwards, whenever desired, you can quickly and easily thumb back the hammer to the firing, full-cock position. At full-cock, any pull on the trigger will allow the hammer to fall and fire the rifle. For maximum safety, you should never chamber a cartridge until a shot is imminent. UNLOADING —

1 Remove the cartridge in the chamber by operating the lever downward.

2 With the lever still in the down position, remove the magazine from the rifle.

3 The chamber should then be inspected to make sure all cartridges have been removed from the rifle.

4 Cartridges in the magazine may be removed by stripping them out with the thumb.


Carefully select your ammunition. Because your Lightning BLR or Lightweight '81 BLR uses a box style magazine and not a tubular magazine, pointed Spitzer-style bullets can be used.

Again, the Lightning BLR and Lightweight '81 BLR are available in many different calibers. It is important to use the correct ammunition for your particular rifle. You should check the right side of your barrel for the caliber of your model.

See section on "Loading" for magazine capacities.


1 With a round in the chamber, you need only to thumb the hammer rearward to its full-cock position to make the rifle ready for firing.

Otherwise, cycling the lever to place a round in the chamber will also leave the hammer in the full-cock (ready-to-fire) position. J3

2 After each shot, cycle the lever with a downward force. Lower the lever to open the bolt, extract and eject the empty cartridge case. At the bottom of the stroke, resistance will be felt as the lever raises the front end of the carrier and aligns the next round with the chamber.

Then, when you raise the lever, the bolt will pick up the next round from the magazine and push it into the chamber. Be sure you cycle the lever completely.

3 Because fired cases are ejected to the side, bystanders should not stand to the side of the shooter.

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