Short Range Training Ammunition

To augment the use of the caliber .50 ammunition, a new generation of SRTA (the M858 ball and the M860 tracer) has been developed.

a. The caliber .50 ball and tracer cartridges have configurations and dimensions similar to those of the corresponding service rounds; however, the base of the cartridge, which encloses the primer, is made of aluminum. The rest of the case is-made of a blue-colored plastic material. The tip of the tracer projectile is colored red. The complete round weighs about 1.05 ounces and is 5.19 inches long, which is slightly shorter than the service round. The cartridges are linked with M9-type metallic links for use with the MG. Muzzle velocity of the projectile is about 4,000 feet per second. The light weight of the projectile, about 50 grains, and its low sectional density cause its velocity to drop rapidly.

b. The SRTA allows training in small local training areas without fixed training facilities, in MOUT facilities, and in combat training theaters. With its 150-meter usable range, the SRTA can be used on grouping, zeroing, and 10-meter scaled silhouette firing.

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