Figure Aligning the lug on the barrel locking spring with the inch hole in the right sideplate

Figure 2-5. Removing the barrel.

b. Backplate Group. Ensure that the bolt latch release is up, free of the bolt latch release lock. If it is not, push down on the bolt latch release and turn the buffer tube sleeve to the right to free it (Figure 2-6). The bolt must be forward before the backplate is removed. If the bolt is to the rear, push down on the bolt latch release, place palm up on the retracting slide handle, and ease the bolt forward. The backplate latch lock and latch are below the buffer tube. Pull out on the lock and up on the latch; remove the backplate by lifting it straight up (Figure 2-7).



Figure 2-6. Releasing the bolt latch.

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