Figure Ammunition for the M

a. Classification. The eight types of ammunition are used for the following purposes.

(1) Ball. For use in marksmanship training, and against personnel and light material targets.

(2) Tracer. To aid in observing fire. Secondary purposes are for incendiary effect and for signaling.

(3) Armor-piercing. For use against armored aircraft and lightly armored vehicles, concrete shelters, and other bullet-resisting targets.

(4) Incendiary. For incendiary effect, especially against aircraft.

(5) Armor-piercing-incendiary. For combined armor-piercing and incendiary effect.

(6) Armor-piercing-incendiary-tracer. For combined armor-piercing and incendiary effect, with the additional tracer feature.

(7) Blank. For simulated fire (contains no bullet).

(8) High-pressure test. For use only in proof firing of weapons and barrels.

(9) Dummy. For training (completely inert).

(9) Dummy. For training (completely inert).


Figure 1-15. M2 and M9 links (closed loop).

b. Ballistic Data. The approximate maximum range and average muzzle velocity of some of the different types of caliber .50 ammunition authorized for use in the machine gun are noted in Table 1-4.

Figure 1-15. M2 and M9 links (closed loop).

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