Figure B Inspection of the MILES transmitter

b. Placing the Battery into the Transmitter. Use the correct battery (NSN 6135-01-063-1978, BA 3090/U, 9V, alkaline); it will last about 100 hours. Flip open the latch; open the battery door and insert the battery; press the door closed; then press the latch closed (Figure B-4).

M19 Bfa Mounted

Figure B-4. Battery insertion.

c. Attaching the Transmitter to the Machine Gun. Attach the machine gun to its mount. Attach the M19 BFA to the machine gun. Unscrew the knob from the side of the transmitter bracket; swing the bottom plate down; and place the transmitter on the barrel support, flush against the receiver. The lip on the back of the mounting bracket must sit behind the barrel cooling bracket. Swing the bottom plate back up against the transmitter mounting bracket and tighten the knob securely with your hand (Figure B-5).

Browning Cal Component

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