Figure Desired impact point for the ANTVS

(a) Fire enough single-shot rounds to obtain a good shot group. Locate the center of the shot group. Adjust the AN/TVS-5 azimuth and elevation knobs until the shot group impacts 9.8 centimeters below the target aiming point. Move the weapon so that the reticle aiming point is again on the target aiming point. Repeat this process until the desired point of impact is obtained.

(b) When adjusting, move the azimuth or elevation adjustment actuator one click to move the strike of the round .5 inch at 50 meters. One click of adjustment will move the reticle about one square on the Canadian bull-type target.

NOTE: The lens cover with the peephole may be required to prevent scope washout from the muzzle flash.

(4) Dismount the sight. The gunner dismounts the sight from the bracket first by loosening the lever screws. Then he lifts the sight from the bracket. He must then dismount the bracket in the reverse mounting procedure.

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