Phases Of Training

The initial training strategy is divided into three phases of marksmanship instruction — the fundamental phase, the basic marksmanship phase, and the advanced gunner phase. Gunner safety is continuously stressed during all phases of training.

a. In the fundamental phase, the gunner learns the necessary common skills, such as dry-fire exercises, preparation of positions, manipulation of the T&E, range determination, and sighting and aiming. The gunner must master these skills before he is allowed to progress to the basic marksmanship phase.

b. During the basic marksmanship phase, the gunner learns the basics of loading, zeroing, laying, and engaging of single and multiple targets from the tripod and vehicle mode.

c. The advanced gunnery phase trains the gunner in engaging moving targets, night firing, NBC firing, mounted firing, and firing using fire commands. The gunner will be placed under the stress and strain of simulated combat conditions.

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