Ranges And Training Exercises

This appendix provides guidance for US Army machine gun exercises. It is designed to be a working guide for trainers and commanders by explaining range layouts, conduct of firing exercises, and qualification standards. The two basic firing ranges will be the multipurpose MG transition range and the multipurpose range complex.

* Section I


All machine gun firing can be conducted on the multipurpose MG transition range. It allows for complete firing of the 10-meter course as well as transition, day, night, and NBC firing. The firing area has 10 lanes; its layout is shown in Figure C-1. Details on the setup and target configuration are described in FM 25-7. The minimum personnel required to operate the range are as follows: OIC, NCOIC, safety officer, ammunition NCO, tower operator, lane NCOs, primary instructor, and concurrent training instructors. Local policy may require more personnel.

* The targets listed in this section are only recommendations. Units may alter the types of targets and ranges used depending on availability.

• For night qualification, units with the AN/PEQ-2A, ANPAS 13 or the AN/TVS-5 upgraded with the third-generation tube should use Appendix G tables and qualification standards.

• For day qualification, leaders will use this section until the STRAC (AR 350-38) changes, at which time they will use only Appendix G.

Figure C-1. Multipurpose machine gun transition range layout.

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