Table Inspection checklist

f. Lubrications. Use cleaner, lubricant, preservative to clean the machine gun. As its name implies, it cleans, lubricates, and preserves all in one application.

(1) After cleaning the gun with CLP, wipe it dry and reapply a thin coating. Allow this thin coat to dry on the parts for a short time before reassembly. CLP deposits a thin coating on the metal which minimizes carbon buildup and prevents foreign material from sticking. It is this coating that provides the frictionless operation of the weapon parts, not liquid oil deposited on them. A gun treated with CLP will operate better and remain clean longer than one treated with any other cleaning material. Use of CLP will reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the weapon.

(2) Rifle bore cleaner is a cleaning solvent which can be used to clean powder residue, carbon, and dirt from weapons. RBC does not preserve or lubricate a weapon. If you clean a weapon with RBC, dry the weapon and lubricate it with lubricating oil, semifluid (LSA); lubricating oil, special purpose (PL-S); or lubricating oil, general purpose (PL-M). The use of these oils will cause sand or grit to stick to the weapon. RBC and oil should be used only when CLP is not available.

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