Training Aids And Devices

The use of devices in marksmanship training programs are important factors because they may allow the gunner to get an idea of what actual combat is like. The training devices designed for the MG are the M19 blank firing attachment, the multiple integrated liner engagement system, the sighting bar, and the M3 recoil amplifier barrel used with plastic ammunition.


The M19 BFA was developed to permit the MG to fire the M1A1 blank cartridge in the automatic fire mode. The BFA is an easy to install, reliable device that allows the MG to be used more realistically during an FTX. The M19 BFA weighs 15.5 pounds and can be installed using either a crescent wrench or the blank/live round discriminator (a component of the BFA that has been designed to serve as a wrench). The design of the M19 will not allow a live round to be loaded while the blank/live round discriminator cover is in position. Normal headspace and timing must be made when firing blank rounds using the M19 (Figure B-1).

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