• Do not press the eye guard except with your eye area and then only to operate the sight. Used improperly, the sight emits illumination that the enemy can detect.

• Do not use the sight without the eye guard attached, or you may receive an injury when the weapon recoils.

• Use care when discarding the batteries. Their contents cause extreme irritation to the eyes and to oral and nasal passages. To prevent explosion, avoid burning the batteries.

• Do not short-circuit the batteries.

• Do not recharge the batteries.

• Remove batteries before storing the night vision sight.

• Always replace both mercury batteries at the same time.


The AN/TVS-5 mounts and dismounts as follows:

a. Mounting Procedures. If the mounting bracket (Figure G-4) has not been installed already, install it now as described in TM 11-5855-214-10.

(1) Align the scribe line on the sight with the scribe line on the bracket.

(2) Place the sight in the groove of the bracket and tighten the lever screw clockwise.

(3) Secure the lever screw with lacing wire or tape to ensure the sight does not vibrate loose.

(4) Seat the device. After firing the initial burst, retighten the lever screw to ensure a secure mount for the sight. If unable to fire at this time, lightly shake the sight to ensure it is mounted correctly.

b. Dismounting Procedures.

(1) Remove the lacing wire or tape from the lever screw.

(2) Loosen the lever screw until the sight comes free, and then lift it off the bracket.

(3) Remove the batteries and place the sight in its carrying case.

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