Figure HI. Minimum and maximum position defilade, partial defilade, and direct lap areas.

f b. To select a position in partial defilade, the Are unit leader moves up the reverse side of the slope until he has the target in view above the mask when sighting at the height of the gunner's eyes.

c. To select a position in maximum defilade, the fire unit leader estimates the lowest point below the mask at which his gun can still engage the target without danger of hitting the mask.

d. While the fire unit leader is selecting the position, the gun crew examines equipment and mounts the gun under cover.

e. Upon signal or command from the fire unit leader, the gun is carried or dragged into the selected firing position.

92. Engaging Targets

The essential elements in engagement of a target from defilade are direction, elevation, mask clew┬╗-ance, and adjustment of fire. These elements are discussed in paragraphs 93 through 96. More than one gun may be employed using the techniques outlined in this section.

Fiffw* HI. Aiming point TMthod.

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