Figure 19. Replacing the barrel buffer asesmbly.

Note. If the bolt ia accidentally moved all the way to the rear, the bolt latch will engage in the bolt latch notches in the top of the bolt. If this occurs, raise the bolt latch (left of the trigger lever) and push the bolt forward to aline the bolt stud with clearance hole (fig 12).

f. Bolt Group. After freeing the bolt, alide it to the rear and out of receiver (fig 13). Place the bolt down on its right aide (with the extractor arm up), so that the extractor will not fall from the bolt.

g. Barrel Buffer Group and Barrel Extension Group. Insert the drift of a combination tool, or other pointed instrument, through the hole in the lower rear corner of the right sideplate. Push in on the barrel buffer body lock. At the same time, place one hand in the receiver and push the barrel extension group and barrel buffer group to the rear (fig 14). Remove the barrel buffer group and barrel extension group from the receiver. Separate the two groups by pushing forward on the tips of the accelerator (fig 15).

h. Barrel Buffer Assembly. Pull the barrel buffer assembly from the rear of the barrel buffer body group. The barrel buffer assembly will not be disassembled (fig 16). This completes general disassembly (fig 17).


8. Procedure

To assemble the gun, replace the groups and assemblies (in reverse order of removal in disassembly).

a. Barrel Buffer Assembly and Barrel Buffer Body Group. Replace the barrel buffer assembly in the barrel buffer body group, with the key on the spring guide to the right. This key must fit in its slot in the right side of the barrel buffer body. Turn the barrel buffer tube until the screwdriver slot (in the rear of the tube) is vertical, the arrow pointing to the right. The stud on the tube lock will now engage the serrations in the barrel buffer tube, to keep the tube from turning. Push the barrel buffer assembly fully forward (fig 18 and 19).

b. Barrel Buffer Group and Barrel Extension Group. To join the two groups together, hold the barrel buffer group in the right hand, with the index finger supporting the accelerator. Join the notch on the shank of the barrel extension group with the cross-groove in the piston rod of the barrel buffer assembly. At the same time, aline the breech lock depressors with their guideways in the sides of the barrel extension, insuring that the tips of the accelerator are against the rear end of the barrel extension (claws against the shank) (fig 20). Push the groups together. As the accelerator rotates to the rear, press down on its tips to insure positive locking of groups. Place the groups in the receiver, and push them forward until the barrel buffer body spring lock snaps into position. When the parts are properly locked in place, the barrel buffer tube should protrude about 1V8-inches from the rear of the barrel buffer body group.

c. Bolt. Place the bolt in the receiver, with the top of the cocking lever forward and the extractor down (fig 21). Push the bolt forward into the receiver. As the front end of the bolt approaches the tips of the accelerator, look in the sideplate of the receiver, press down on the rear end of the bolt to insure the front end of the bolt clears the

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