Browning .50 Breech Lock

accelerator tips (fig 22), Raise the rear of the bolt and continue to push the bolt forward until the bolt latch engages the notches In the top of the receiver.

Not*. The barrel extension, barrel buffer, and bolt groups may he assembled and returned to the receiver together (fig 2S).

d. Bolt Stud. Aline the stud hole in the bolt with the clearance hole and replace the bolt stud, insuring that the shoulder of the stud is inside the sideplate.

e. Driving Spring Group. Press up on the bolt latch and push the bolt all the way forward by pushing on the bolt stud only. Place the end of the driving spring rod in its hole in the rear of the bolt, and push forward on the driving spring group and the barrel buffer tube. Press in and to the right on the head of the driving spring rod and place the retaining pin in its seat in the right sideplate.

Note. At this time, the barrel buffer tube should be completely inside the receiver. If not, the barrel buffer body spring is cot properly seated.

/. Backplate Group. Hold the backplate with the latch down and the trigger up; place the backplate guides in their guideways. Hold out on the lattfr lock and tap the backplate into position until the latch snaps into place (fig 24). Release the latch lock, and pull up on the backplate group to insure it is firmly seated.

g. Barrel. Pull the retracting slide handle to the rear until the lug on the barrel locking spring is visible through the %-inch hole in the right sideplate. Place the smallest loop of a caliber .60 link, or suitable spacer, between the trunnion block and the barrel extension. Screw the barrel all the way into the barrel extension; then unscrew the barrel two notches. Remove the link and close the cover. This completes general assembly.


9. General

To replace damaged or broken parts within major groups or assemblies, a knowledge of detailed disassembly and assembly is required. Detailed disassembly and assembly involves the bolt, barrel buffer, barrel extension, cover, receiver, and backplate groups.

(1) Disassembly.

(а) Extractor. Rotate the extractor up* ward, and remove it from the bolt, freeing the bolt switch. The ejector and ejector spring are not disassembled from the extractor (fig 20).

(б) Bolt switch and bolt switch stud. Lift out the bolt switch and pull out the bolt switch stud (fig 27). On some models, the bolt switch stud may be staked, so that it cannot be removed,

(c) Cocking lever pin and cooking lever. Rotate the top of the cocking lever toward the rear of the bolt and remove the cocking lever pin. Lift out the cocking lever. NOTE: The rounded nose of the cocking lever is down and to the rear of the bolt (fig 28).

Note. Before removing the tear stop and pin, (on some mo dele, the accelerator «top and lock) press down on the top of the tear to releaae the firing pis.

Use the thin end of the cocking lever to pry the sear stop (accelerator stop lock) out of its groove in the bolt, and into the center recess (fig 29 and

80). Turn the bolt over and drift the sear stop pin free from engagement with the firing pin spring (shake out the accelerator stop lock) (fig 31 and 82). Turn the bolt over and lift the sear stop and pin from the bolt (drift out the accelerator stop) (fig 88 and 84). If the pin does not come out freely, place the thin end of the cocking lever under the sear stop, against the pin, and pry it out of the bolt.

(e) Sear slide. Press down on the sear and withdraw the sear slide. Withdraw the square end first (fig 86).

(/) Sear twwi sear spring. To prevent Iobs of the sear spring, insert the thin end of the cocking lever between the coils of the sear spring. Lift out the sear and remove the sear spring. Leave the spring on the cocking lever (fig 36).

(g) Firing pin extension assembly and firing pin. Raise the front end of the bolt and allow the firing pin extension assembly and firing pin to fall into your hand (fig 87). Separate the firing pin from its extension. This completes detailed disassembly of the bolt (fig 88 and 30).

(2) Assembly (o) Firing pin and extension assembly. Engage the rear end of the firing pin in its Beating groove in the front end of the firing pin extension assembly. Insert the firing pin and extension assembly in the bolt, striker first, sear notch down (fig 40). Push the extension assembly into the bolt, and tilt the front end down until the striker

Breech Lock

Figure 25. Boit çroup, exploded view.


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