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Figure 108. Browning machinegun, caliber .SO HB, MS, on truck mount M86.

Figure 109. Broivning machinegun, caliber .50 HB, Hi, on truck mount MS6.

tent plungers. The cradle may then be moved on the track by applying pressure on the carriage handle.

31. Pedestal Truck Mount, M31C

Reference TM 9-2016.

32. Pedestal Truck Mount, M24A2

Reference TM 9-2016.

33. Commander's Cupola—Ml 13 Armored Personnel Carrier

A caliber .50, M2, machinegun and mount are installed in the gun support on the commander's cupola. The machinegun can be traversed 360 degrees, elevated 53 degrees, and depressed 21 degrees maximum.

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