▲00 mia firing are detailed as assistants to the officer in charge of firing. Personnel performing this duty should be from units other than the one firing. Bach gun will have one safety NCO.

h. Range Detail. A sufficient number of men to operate the range are detailed to assist the officer in charge of firing.

142. Safety Precautions a. General General safety precautions for firing caliber .50 machinegun ammunition are contained in AR 885-63.

Additional Safety Precautions.

(1) No firing is done except under the direct supervision of an officer.

(2) No firing is done until correct headspace and timing have been checked by the safety NCO.

(8) No firing will be done until a cleaning rod and dry patch have been run through the bore from the muzzle and immediately removed.

(4) No gun is loaded or half loaded until a command to do so has been given.

(5) After machineguns are fired, each gun is cleared and checked prior to being removed from the firing line.

(6) No one is allowed in front of the gun for any purpose unless authorized by the officer in charge of firing.

(7) During moving target firing, conspicuous markers are placed to Indicate the right and left safety limits of the range. The safety NCO for each gun makes certain his gun does not fire outside these limits.

(8) Firing at moving targets is not permitted on any range until the safety angles have been checked.

(9) Personnel of the towing vehicle operate at sufficient distance from line of fire in order to be protected not only from direct hits but also from ricochets.

(10) Vehicles operating in the range area in front of the firing line will be equipped with red fiags.

(11) Target personnel do not leave designated safety areas until the command to do so has been given.

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