Facts about your Bushmaster rifle

The Bushmaster .308 rifle consists of a rifle and a magazine. It is a gas operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired weapon that can be fired in a semi-automatic mode - i.e., a single shot each time the trigger is pulled.

• The upper receiver and barrel assembly have a fully adjustable rear sight. (flat-top version does not).

• The upper and lower receivers are easily opened for cleaning and inspection.

• The bolt group and barrel extension are designed with locking lugs that lock the bolt group to the barrel extension.

• The forged aluminum upper and lower receivers reduce the weight of the rifle.

• Weight: (depends upon model) 20" Bbl. Rifle = 9.57 Ibs. / 4.35 kg.

• Length: (depends upon model) 20" Bbl. Rifle = 42.75" / 108.5cm.

• Barrel Rifling: R.H. twist; 1 turn in 10"; 4 lands & grooves.

• Firing characteristics: muzzle velocity approx. 2,700 fps; chamber pressure 62,000 psi.

• Maximum effective rate of fire: 45 rounds per min. / semi-automatic.

• Max effective range: 1000 meters (individual / point targets).

• Maximum range: 3754 meters.

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