Facts About Your New Bushmaster Carbon LR Rifle

The Bushmaster Carbon 15 .22 LR rifle system consists of a firearm, 10 round magazine, and instruction manual. It is a very light weight firearm - blow back operated, magazine fed, and operates in semi-automatic mode (i.e., a single shot fired each time the trigger is pulled). Retracting the charging handle cocks the internal hammer and compresses the recoil spring. When the charging handle is released, it moves the bolt forward (driven by the recoil spring), strips a cartridge from the magazine, and chambers the cartridge. The bolt is held against the chambered cartridge by the recoil spring.

When the trigger is pulled, the hammer is released and strikes the firing pin. The firing pin indents the cartridge case rim and ignites the priming compound inside the rim and a great volume of gas is instantly generated which acts on the cartridge case in all directions. The bullet moves out of the cartridge case, and exits the muzzle. The bolt then moves rearward automatically, extracting and ejecting the fired cartridge case, and at the same time cocking the hammer and compressing the recoil spring, as described above. Once the trigger is released the firearm is ready to fire again. The firearm will fire if there is a cartridge in the chamber whether or not there is a magazine place. The rifling is R.H. twist,

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