Unload Rifle Remove Magazine Check Chamber

1.) Remove magazine if installed. Pull Charging Handle assembly to rear. Check that Chamber is clear. Let Bolt and Bolt Carrier close. Do not pull Trigger. Leave Hammer in cocked position.

WARNING: If Rifle fails any of the following tests, continued use of the Rifle could result in injury to, or death of, personnel.

2.) Place Selector Lever in SAFE position and pull Trigger. THE HAMMER SHOULD NOT FALL.

3.) Place Selector Lever in FIRE position. Pull trigger. THE HAMMER SHOULD FALL.

NOTE: For the purpose of the following check, "SLOW" is defined as one fourth to one half the normal rate of trigger release.

4.) Hold Trigger to the rear, pull Charging Handle to the rear, and release pressure on the Trigger with a slow, smooth motion, without hesitations or stops, until the Trigger is fully forward. AN AUDIBLE CLICK SHOULD BE HEARD - THE HAMMER SHOULD NOT FALL.

5.) Repeat the FIRE position test five times. The Rifle must not malfunction during any of these five tests. If the Rifle malfunctions during any of these five tests, have the Rifle checked by a qualified gunsmith.

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