Open rifle and remove bolt carrier. Using a standard type cleaning kit, pull the patch through the barrel using cleaning fluid. Repeat until barrel is clean. Use a dry patch to clean the dirty fluid from barrel.

Note: Clean the barrel from the chamber towards muzzle.

After cleaning, make sure barrel is free of obstructions and excessive lubricant.

2. Plastic Parts and Metal Parts

Plastic parts and the upper receiver are cleaned with a soft rag. If necessary, use water for cleaning. The bolt carrier and ignition pocket are cleaned with a soft brush.

To increase the life of the rifle and ensure proper functioning, some metal parts have to be oiled slightly after cleaning. Use only lubricants specially designed for firearms. Avoid abrasives. Oil outside metal surfaces very lightly. Oil bolt carrier as follows:

After any cleaning, disassembly or accessory installation, the rifle should be re-checked for proper functioning before firing.

Clean and inspect rifle periodically to ensure it remains in good condition. Clean after use, especially if it has been exposed to moisture.

Before loading, slide safety to SAFE position.

During loading, never allow fingers or any objects to contact the trigger. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Inspect the chamber - the rear portion of barrel which contains the bullet - and bore of the barrel for any obstruction, excessive oil or grease. Failure to do so may result in gun damage and, or personal injury when rifle is fired. Do not load until ready for use. Unload firearm when shooting has been completed. The safety slide should always be in the SAFE position whether the firearm is loaded or not.


Insert a loaded magazine into magazine well. The magazine is home once an audible click is heard and when pulling downward, the magazine cannot be removed.

See illustration on next page.

Bushmaster 17s
to allow the cocking handle to slide forward. The cocking handle will automatically return to its previous position to form part of the carry handle.

This cocks the action and makes the gun READY TO FIRE.

NOTE: This action is non-reciprocating. A once-only cocking action is all that is required. Cocking handle stays in place when firing.

To fire the rifle, slide the safety to FIRE position.

Aim at intended target and pull the trigger through its full travel towards you.

Aim rifle only at your intended target.


Should the ammunition fail to fire, keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction. Slide safety to SAFE position. Do not refire shell. Slide cocking handle rearwards. The problem round will be ejected and a new round automatically selected.

NOTE: Spent cartridges are ejected from the right of the rifle through the ejection port. Be sure that all observers are clear of the path of ejection as empty cartridges are thrown out with considerable force and are very hot.

If a noticeable difference in sound or recoil is experienced, STOP FIRING! Move safety slide to SAFE. Remove the magazine from the body and cock the action to remove any live rounds. Inspect the rifle for damage or obstruction in the barrel or bore. If you have recurring misfires, have the rifle inspected by a qualified gunsmith.

D3. Loading after Having Fired the Last Round...

After having fired the last round of a magazine, the bolt carrier will be held in its rear position by the bolt catch. You can now see that you have an empty magazine and that the chamber is clear.

With the pistol grip in the right hand, select SAFE mode. Remove the magazine and replace with a fully loaded one. Press the bolt release button. The bolt carrier will automatically travel forward to the locked bolt position, loading a round into the chamber.

Move safety slide to SAFE. Locate the magazine release button on the side of the rifle. Press button, at the same time removing magazine in a downward motion.

Keep fingers away from trigger when removing the magazine.

Turn rifle over and cock the action several times to see if any live ammunition is remaining in the chamber.

Note: The Bushmaster MI7S is designed for use with either a telescopic sight or the rifle's open iron "field sights". A simulated "shooter's view" of sighting with the field sights is shown at right. If you depend on telescopic sights, it may be advisable to carry a spare scope due to their inherent delicacy.

Blade Front Sight


Scope Mount

- Notch Rear Sight

Charging/ "Carrying Handle

Bushmaster M 17 S Parts List:

30-103-1/4 High Collar Lock Washer 1.00

30-104-Thrust Washer 1.95 30-105 - Barrel Extension Retaining Screw 2.50

30-106-Gas Housing 18.95 30-107 (9349054btp) - Taper Pin (2 per gun) 0.95

30-108-Piston 14.95

30-109-Gas Cylinder 15.95

30-110-Link Rod 9.95

30-111-Operating Rod 9.95

30-112-Operating Rod Spring 3.00

30-113-Sleeve Piston 6.95

30-114-Handguard Cap 20.00

30-116 (8448577)-Lock Washer 2.00

30-118-Sight Base Screw 2.50 30-201 - Upper Receiver - Stripped 119.95

30-202-L - Barrel Extension Tube 8.00

30-204-Sight Base 29.95 30-205 - Sight Base/Cocking Handle Screw (3) 2.00

30-207-Sight Base Screw 2.00

30-208 - Spring Retainer 5.00

30-209-Cocking Handle 15.95

30-210-Cocking Plate 9.95

30-211-Trigger Spring 2.00

30-212 (8448583) - Safety Detent Spring 2.00

30-213-Safety Detent 2.00

30-215-Trigger 19.95

30-216-TriggerRoll Pin 1.00

30-217-Safety 11.95

30-218-Trigger Cam 5.95

30-219-TriggerCam Roll Pin 1.00

30-221 -Trigger Bar 9.00

30-222-Cover Plate 7.95

30-224-Cocking Spring 3.00

30-230-Scope Mount 19.95

30-231 -Rail 19.95

30-232- Rail Retaining Screw (4 per gun) 2.00

30-301 - Breech Bolt 64.95

30-302 (MS16562-98) - Ejector Roll Pin 0.50

30-303 (8448512 - Extractor Cartridge 6.95

30-304 (8448513) -Extractor Pin 0.80

30-305 (8448755sp) - Extractor Spring 0.50

30-306-Firing Pin 10.95

30-307 - Firing Pin Spring (deleted 1998) 0.95

30-308-Cam Pin 4.95

30-309-Bolt Carrier 75.00

30-310 (8448515) - Ejector Cartridge 1.95

30-311 - Firing Pin Retaining Pin 0.50

30-312 (8448516) - Ejector Detent Spring 0.80

30-313-Action Plate 12.95

30-314-Action Rod (2 per gun) 14.95

30-316- Retainer-Action Rod (2 per gun) 1.95

30-317-Bolt Carrier Cap Screw 2.00

30-318-Buffer 4.95

30-321 (8448754) - Extractor Spring Insert 0.50

30-400-Hinge Pin 4.95

30-408 (MS19060-4808) - A-2 Ball Bearing 0.50

30-409-Hinge Pin Spring 0.95

30-400a - Hinge Pin Assembly (400+408+409) 6.95 30-410 (8448585) -Tkdwn Pin Detent (2 per gun) 0.50

30-413-Hammer 19.95

30-414-Hammer Spring 3.50

30-417-Sear 14.95

30-418-Disconnector 11.95

30-419-Disconnector Spring 0.50

30-420-Ignition Pocket 10.95

30-434 - Rear Sling Swivel Roll Pin 0.95

30-440 - Ignition Pocket Retaining Clip 0.95

30-441 -Bolt Catch 6.00

30-442 - Ambi. Magazine Release 6.00

30-443 (8448633) - Bolt Catch Spring 0.50

30-444 (8448634) - Bolt Catch Plunger 0.50

30-447 (8448638) - Magazine catch 2.95

30-448 - Magazine Button 1.95

30-449 (8448637) - Magazine Catch Spring 0.50

30-452 - Front Sling Swivel Rivet 0.95

30-962 - Operator's Manual .50 Major Assemblies:

30-905 - Barrel /Gas Housing Sub-Assembly 195.00 30-925 - Stripped Lwr. Rec./Pistol Grip Asmbly. 89.95 *30-965 - Field Repair Kit (described below) 29.95

Note: In later model Bullpups, the Bolt Carrier was redesigned to eliminate the Firing Pin Spring (Part # 30-307).


30-108 30-109



Bushmaster MI7S Bullpup Exploded Drawing





Bullpup Mechanism

* Field Repair Kit (Part # 30-965) Consists of:

1 - Ejector Roll Pin (#30-302) 1 - Extractor Spring Insert (#30-321)


* Field Repair Kit (Part # 30-965) Consists of:

1 - Ejector Roll Pin (#30-302) 1 - Extractor Spring Insert (#30-321)

1 - Extractor Cartridge (#30-303) 1 - Extractor Pin (#30-304) 1 - Extractor Spring (#30-305) 1 - Firing Pin (#30-306) 1 - Cam Pin (#30-308) 1 - Ejector Cartridge (#30-310) 1 - Firing Pin Ret. Pin (#30-311) 2-Action Springs (#30-315) 2-Action Rod Retainers (#30-316)

2-Tkdwn Pin Detents (#30 410) 2-Tkdwn Pin Det. Springs (#30 411) 1 - Hammer Spring (#30-414) 1 - Disconnector Spring (#30-419) 1 - Ignition Pocket Ret. Clip (#30-440) 1 - Bolt Catch Spring (#30-443) 1 - Bolt Catch Plunger (#30-444) 1 - Magazine Catch Spring (#30-449)


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