Failure To Fire

1. Should your rifle fail to fire, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction for at least one full minute.

2. Place the cocking handle in the safety notch.

3. With the muzzle pointed up and away from you or bystanders, tap the butt against the ground. This will force powder into the ignition channel of the breech plug.

4. Replace the spent percussion cap with a new one and fire again.

5. If the rifle fails to fire again, wait another minute with the gun in a safe direction, remove the cap and nipple, insert a small amount of powder into the nipple hole. Replace the nipple and tighten. Recap the nipple with a fresh percussion cap and fire.

6. If the rifle fails to fire once again:

1 ) Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction for one minute minimum.

2) Remove the bolt spring cap, bolt spring, follower, cocking handle.

3) Submerge the barreled receiver completely in water for % hour.

4) Remove from the water and shake out the wet powder.

5) Remove the projectile from the bore with the ramrod.

6) Clean the barrels thoroughly.

7) Reassemble gun complete.

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  • Heribald
    What causes a muzzle loading rifle's failure to fire?
    4 years ago

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