Also present in ammunition is a range of lubricants (greases and waxes) usually confined to unjacketed bullets, as well as various sealers, varnishes, and lacquers (often colored) that are used for several purposes. These include prevention of the ingress of moisture or oil, anticorrosion measures, to act as a visual aid in the manufacturing process, to provide additional resistance of the bullet to the pressure generated by the propellant gases, and color coding to identify the type of ammunition. The bullet tip may also be color-coded to identify the bullet type. A variety of sealing discs may also be present in different types of primers, some of which contain tin.

Bullet lubricants frequently contain mixtures of some of the following: beeswax, petroleum jelly, sheep tallow, carnauba wax, molybdenum disul-fide, lithium base grease, ceresin wax, powdered graphite, paraffin wax, Alox compound, and Zokorite. The mixture may be dissolved or suspended in a fast-drying solvent or applied directly while hot.

Colored lacquers and varnishes may incorporate metallic containing pigments.

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