Firearms Ammunition

© NATO specifications

.22 LR caliber .22 long rifle caliber

+P higher pressure ammunition

ACP automatic Colt pistol

AP armor piercing

Carbine a shorter length, lightweight rifle

FMJ full metal jacket

G gauge (bore)

H & K Heckler and Koch

HP bullet hollow point bullet

I bullet incendiary bullet

JHP bullet jacketed hollow point bullet

Jkt jacket

JSP bullet jacketed soft point bullet K kurtz (short) L long

Machine pistol handgun-style pistol capable of automatic fire Mag magnum

NCNM noncorrosive, nonmercuric P parabellum Rem Remington Rev revolver

RNL bullet round-nosed lead bullet S & W Smith and Wesson SMG submachine gun Spl special

SWC bullet semi-wad-cutter bullet T bullet tracer bullet TMJ bullet total metal-jacketed bullet Win Winchester

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