Gas Chromatography Thermal Energy Analyzer

Details of the gas chromatography/thermal energy analyzer (GC/TEA) system are as follows. The instrumentation is a Hewlett Packard 5890 GC with a Thermedics 543 Thermal Energy Analyzer connected to a Hewlett Packard 3393A integrator. The system also incorporates a Hewlett Packard 7673A autoinjector. The TEA was modified according to the alterations detailed in reference 188. The conditions are:

Column: 15M RTX 1 DM Silicon oil, 0.25 mm inter-

Initial temperature: First ramp: Second ramp:

nal diameter 100°C for 3 minutes

35°C to 165°C, held at 165°C for 3 minutes 30°C to 195°C to final temperature 195°C for

Carrier gas: Flow:

Injection temperature: Interface temperature: Pyrolyzer temperature: Injection volume: Specificity:

3 minutes Helium 2.5 ml/min 198°C

All N-nitroso compounds plus organic and inorganic nitrites, some nitrates, certain alkyl C-nitroso compounds and certain C-nitro compounds

Sensitivity: Typically 100 pg in 5 |l injection

Precision: 1 standard deviation ± 0.01 min; coefficient of variation typically 0.15%

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