Multiple Loads

Ammunition has been manufactured with more than one bullet loaded inside the cartridge case. The idea is to increase the "stopping power" of the ammunition. Up to four bullets loaded in tandem within a single cartridge case are known, with the bullets reduced in size and weight compared to a normal bullet loading. Such rounds of ammunition are rare. If a person were shot at close range with one round of such ammunition there would be a single entrance wound and more than one bullet could be recovered from the body.82,83 At greater range there could be more than one entrance hole from a single shot. A variation on this theme is stacking projectiles one over the other and then enclosing them in a normal gilding metal jacket.84 Of historical interest is the 7.62 mm Nagant revolver ammunition. The bullet is contained completely within the cartridge case, the neck of which is coned inward in front of the bullet.85

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