Caution Make Surethatthe Firearm Is Not Loaded

2. Write a letter explaining the problem and your requirements in as much detail as possible. Include the model name and serial number of your revolver together with your return address, then enclose it with the gun in a well padded package.

3. Do not send presentation boxes, accessories or ammunition.

4. Colt's address for receiving packages is: CMCI

Talcott Road

West Hartford, CT 06110

5. Do not indicate the contents, or include "COLT" in the address on the package so that an inquisitive thief is not attracted to it by such information.

6. Insure the package contents against loss or theft.

7. DO NOT ship your revolver if you cannot read its serial number. Federal law requires that serial numbers be legible for transfer to be legal. To find your serial number, turn revolver upsidedown and look at the bottom of the frame just in front of the trigger guard.



This section is provided so that you may identify names of parts for your own interest. However, for adjustment, repair or spare parts information, see Section 5 "Servicing and Repair."

See page 40 for illustration. See page 41 for names of parts.

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