Caution Leave One Chamber Empty And Insure It Remains In Front Of Hammer And In Line With Barrel for safest method of carrying a loaded revolver

6. KEEP REVOLVER POINTING IN SAFE DIRECTION. Ensure hammer is not cocked. Push cylinder into frame until the cylinder latch springs forward to lock the cylinder. When only 5 rounds are loaded make sure by looking at the back of the cylinder that the empty chamber is in the firing


position. (In line with the barrel and hammer.) If the empty chamber is not correctly positioned, open the revolver and repeat this step until the empty chamber remains in the {¡ring position. THE REVOLVER IS NOW LOADED AND READY TO FIRE BY JUST SQUEEZING THE TRIGGER.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to close cylinder with hammer cocked. Do not swing or slam cylinder forcibly into place in the frame. If you do, you could damage the mechanism.

IMPORTANT: It is somelimes possible that the bolt will not correctly engage cylinder to lock it. Check for correct locking by attempting to rotate cylinder gently clockwise by hand. If it is already locked, the cylinder will not move. If it was unlocked, you should hear the bolt "click" into engagement with the cylinder to lock it. Then look at the back of the cylinder to ensure that the empty chamber remains in the firing position.

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