Chapter Manual Of Arms For The Pistol

31. General a. Pistol movements are not executed in cadence, b. During the manual of arms for the rifle, personnel armed with the pistol remain at attention except when the command INSPECTION ARMS or PRESENT ARMS is given.

c. When PRESENT ARMS is given, the HAND SALUTE is executed.

32- Inspection Arms

At the command INSPECTION ARMS, execute the following movements in sequence. (These movements may be executed separately in response to the appropriate command.)

а. Raise Pistol At the command RAISE PISTOL, unbutton the snap fastener of the shoulder holster with the right hand and grasp the receiver with the back of the hand facing outward. Draw the pistol from the holster. Bring the elbow in to the side and hold the forearm at an angle from the vertical, so that the hand is as high as, and approximately 6 inches in front of, the right shoulder. Hold the receiver with the thumb and last three fingers and extend the forefinger outside and along the trigger guard. Point the muzzle outward and up at an angle approximately 30 degrees from the vertical If wearing a hip holster, at the command RAISE PISTOL, unbutton the flap, draw the pistol from the hip holster, and assume the position of raise pistoL

б. Withdraw Magazine. At the command WITHDRAW MAGAZINE, without lowering the right hand, turn the pistol slightly to the right and press the magazine catch with the right thumb

With the left hand, remove the magazine and place it between your belt and outer garment on the left side, with open end down and front to the right.

c. Open Chamber. At the command OPEN CHAMBER, without lowering the right hand, grasp the slide with the left thumb and first two fingers so that the thumb is on the left side of the slide and pointing down. Keeping the muzzle elevated, shift the grip of your right hand, so that the right thumb engages the slide stop; push the slide fully to the rear and engage the slide stop in the slide stop recess with the right thumb. Re sume the position of raise pistol, with the slide to the rear. Take the magazine out of the belt and hold it in the open hand at the height of the belt, with the open end of the magazine to the front and the front of the magazine to the left. If the inspect ing officer takes the pistol for inspection, lower the right hand smartly to your side as in the position of attention. When the inspector is ready to return the pistol, raise the right hand to the raise pistol position.

d, Close Chamber. After the pistol has been inspected, or at the command of CLOSE CHAMBER or PORT ARMS, press the slide stop down with the right thumb and let the slide go forward-Pull the trigger and remain at raise pistol.

e. Insert Magazine. At the command of INSERT MAGAZINE, without lowering the right hand, turn the barrel slightly to the right. Grasp the magazine with the first two fingers and thumb of the left hand, insert it into the pistol, press the magazine up\vard until it is engaged by the magazine catch, and resume the position of raise pistol

33. Return Pistol a. Execute this movement on the command RETURN PISTOL or on the command ORDER (RIGHT SHOULDER) ARMS after INSPECTION ARMS and PORT ARMS have been given.

b. Upon the command of execution, lower the pistol to the shoulder holster, raise the snap fastener of the holster with your right thumb, insert the muzzle of the pistol into the holster, and thrust it home. Button the snap fastener of the holster with the right hand. When wearing a hip holster, at the command RETURN PISTOL, return the pistol to the holster, directly from the position of raise pistol.

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