I — The Workshop, Tools and General Equipment 9

The work bench—Necessary tool layout—Alchohol lamp—Angle plate—Anvil— Arbors—Arbor press—Bench stops—Bench grinders—Bench or surface plate—Bits — Bevel protractor — Calipers—Catalogs—Checkering tools—Chisels — Clamps — Countersinks—Dies—Spring dividers Drill sets—Drill and wire gauges—Drill press --Sanding drum—Draw-knife—Electric soldering iron—Files—File card—File handles—Furnace—Gauges—Hammers—Indicators—Ladle—Lathe—Lathe dog— Mallet—Micrometers—Muzzle reamers—Magnifying glass—Miter box—Oilstones— Oil cans—Pans—Parallels—Plates—Planes—Polishing wheels—Tap wrenches—Pliers —Reamers—Saws—Scribers—Straight-edge—Scratch brush—Screw-drivers—Spring winding tool—Steel letters and figures—Scales—Weighing—Stools—Squares—Templets—Electric motor—V-blocks—Vise jaws—Welding outfit—Wrenches.

II — Special Home-made Tools and Equipment 29

The gunsmith—The trade of a gunsmith—Shotgun or rifle maker—Checkering stand and cradles in use—Checkering tools—Border tools—English type of tools—Motor grinder—Emery wheels—Fine circular wire wheels—Felt wheels—Woods for disc-grinding—Chuck for motor grinder—Wooden laps—Wood chisels—Suggestions for making bottoming chisels—Forging and heat-treatment for chisels—Handles for wood chisels and ferrules—Importance of good screw-drivers—Auger screw-drivers used with brace—Suggestions for constructing screw-drivers—Hardening—Gun brace—Method of clamping brace—Rifle holder: Methods of making—Vise blocks—Hard wooden blocks—Copper vise jaws—Leather facing for vise jaws, lead jaws, etc.—Clamps, butt clamps—Importance of necessary tools.

III — Materials, Metals, and Supplies 41

Materials used by gunmaker—Catalogs—Precision in gim work—Tool steel, cold-drawn steel, drill rods, spring steel, steel tubing, steel spring wire—Machine screws and sizes—Brass, copper, lead, solder, soldering salts, emery clotht sandpaper, fiber, glue, felt, buffalo horn, pumice powder, rottenstone powder, wood screws, acids, varnishes, rubbing oils, linseed oil, varnish removers, beeswax, ivory, charcoal, lacqucrs for metal, rouge or ferric oxid, Prussian blue, bone-black, water, woods, shellac, lacquer, gun oil, lard oil, sperm oil, etc.

Wood-working tools—Chisels: their use and kinds in gun work; grinding of such tools; stoning for keen edges—Buffing wheel —Method of placing sharp run edges for cutting—The draw-knife and its uses—Planes: sharpening on the stone: adjusting the blade—Rasps: woods they are used on—Saws: sharpening of saws, instruction in their use, blades for saws, frames—The spokc-shave—Wood bits, cutter bits, the Forstner bit—Selection of brace—Drills and drilling: the twist drill, grinding of drills, drill gauges used in grinding drills, drills for glass, drill troubles, keeping drills sharp, lubricants used—Drilling heat-treated steel—Grinding drills for wood—The drill press, set-ups on drill press, method of cutting out inlays on drill press—Files: their importance in the trade of a gunsmith—Terms used for file—First steps in the use of a file—Grinding: speed of grinders, their uses, fixture attached to grinder for grinding tools—Grades and grains of grinding wheels—Selection of wheels for grinding, mount-

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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