there will be no danger of marring its finish. The brace is clamped to the bench with one machine screw and a wing nut so that it is possible to swing '<he brace in any direction at will. It is often wise to construct two of these braces, one on each side of the vise. If you should make one for the right side of the vise you will soon discover that one is needed on the left side also.

Rifle Holder — Figure 30 illustrates a rifle holder for testing purposes on the range. A dcvice the form above it goes over the leather to make a perfect union as it is damped in the vise. If the student does not care to go to all this trouble, one can be made from a picce of 1 x 2 x 4-inch cold drawn steel with the form cut out on a shaper or milling machine, and a piece of leather glued and screwed into place. A 4 %.t -inch hole is drilled % inch from the end, and a % or Vi-inch set screw is used for the clamping member. A %c-inch hole is drilled in the head of the screw and a piece of %fl-inch drill rod two inches long inserted; other-

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