shooting. Also available in .380 ACP (Dmg. 2d,

The Guardian .32 ACP by North American Arms is mostly considered as «ladies' pistol» because of its miniscule size. The Guardian is a rugged, reliable pistol for self-defence and is easily concealed in any pocket. It is constructed of stainless steel and has a double-action-only trigger system that dispenses with the need for a safety catch. The sights are a unique form of tunnel aiming device contained in the top rear of the slide. Three luminous dots are provided for night shooting. The short barrel and the small sights are the main reasons for the less than stellar accuracy, which is nonetheless absolutely adequate for close-quarter :. 0.6).

ASP ver. 2d 9 1 150 1 600 0.75 3 7+1 9 -1 1 100€ +1

9x19mm Parabellum

The ASP is very popular within the intelligence community. It is based on the Smith & Wesson M39 series but has been highly modified by Armament Systems & Procedures (hence the name, ASP). The slide and the barrel had been shortened. Every protruding piece has been rounded so that it will not get caught in any clothes or similar things. The gun has been entirely covered with a Teflon-S finish that eliminates the need for lubricating. It has been fitted with a «gut-tersnipe», with three luminescent dots, for quick target aquisition rather than precision sighting. The dots come in handy in the dark. Also, the handle and the magazine have a plastic window that allows the user to check how many bullets remain at a glance. To speak with James McMahon, this is the gun Ian Fleming would choose today for James Bond. Used by the US Secret Service. The ASP is no longer in production but remains popular.


Malf. Dmg.

SS Acc.



Wt. RoF


ST Rcl.

Cost HO

H&K Mark 23 (SOCOM)

ver. 2d+2®

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