Developed during the Vietnam war by Carroll Childers, the Remington 7188 was a full-automatic modification of the then new Remington 1100 semiautomatic shotgun. The standard 1100 safety was replaced by a fire selector switch. After successful of the 7188 a limited number of 7188 Mark Is were developed and manufactured. The Mark I has a dull parkerized finish, a rubber recoil pad, rifle sights, a perforated handguard surrounding the upper part of the barrel, an extended magazine, a M7 (M16 rifle) bayonet mount and plain walnut stock. A further number of Mark I conversion kits were made consisting of the barrel assembly and the selective fire trigger mechanism. The conversion kit would allow any standard Remington 1100 (shown in the picture, Shots 4+1, RoF 3 ) to be converted into a full-auto combat shotgun with a 7+1 round magazine capacity. The Remington 7188 saw very limited use (measurable in dozens) by the SEALS and some law enforcement agencies but was abandoned soon due to lack of controllability.




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