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The Firestar pistols, also known as models M-43, M40 and M-45, were designed and are still being manufactured by the Spanish company Star Bonifacio Echeverria SA. These pistols were announced early in 1990s and are sold worldwide for civilian market. All Firestars are compact, steel-framed semi-automatic pistols. Firestar pistols are recoil operated, with Browning cam locking and short barrel recoil. The barrel muzzle is externally cone-shaped to achieve a good fit into the slide for improved accuracy. The 9 mm Parabellum Firestar M-43 is a hammer fired, single action pistol with frame mounted, ambidextrous safety lever (2d+1, V2D 140, Max 1800, Shots 7+1, ST 9, Rcl -1). The .40 S&W M-40 (2d-1®, V2D 140, Max 1800, Shots 7+1, Rcl -1) and the .45 ACP M-45 (use stats for .40 S&W), unlike their 9 mm brother, are double action pistols with a frame mounted ambidextrous safety that allows for «cocked and locked» carrying (hammer is cocked and safety is applied). All Firestars featured automated firing pin safety and magazine disconnect safety. Firestar pistols are claimed to be one of the smallest guns in their respective calibers, but, obviously not the lightest ones. The solid steel construction makes these guns extremely sturdy and reliable, and additional weight greatly improves recoil control and makes the shooting quite comfortable, despite the powerful ammunition and small size of the guns.

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