The M82A1 «Light Fifty», produced by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Murfrees-boro, USA, is chambered for the .50 machine-gun cartridge. It is a heavy, recoil-operated gun; the weight and the action tame the recoil to manageable proportions. To further reduce the recoil load, the M82A1 is fitted with a cone-shaped dual chamber muzzle brake that gives the M82A1 a characteristic look. The Barrett has an integral bipod; it can also be mounted on machine-gun tripods and pintle-mounts. It is intended for long-range sniping, destruction of soft-skinned vehicles and the occasional shot at a dinosaur. Additionally, the M82A1 is used in explosive ordnance disposal as a cheap and effective method to clear airstrips or other areas of mines. Though accurate, the M82A1 is not a true sniper rifle, due to too many moving parts and the lack of match grade military .50 ammunition which leads to a sub-par MOA of about 2. The Barrett has no iron sights; it is intended to be equipped with a scope, an 8x scope is the usual outfit. The US Marines adopted the Barrett M82A1 as a special-purpose sniper weapon in 1991 and used some in the Persian Gulf operation. A more compact bolt-action bullpup model, the Barret M95, is available since the late 1990s and has been modified to be adopted by the US army as sniper rifle XM107.

Windrunner crit. Ildx 20 13+3 3 000 9000 12.8 1 1 13 -3 9 500€ -9 .50 BMG

The Windrunner by First Defense International is the first .50 caliber breakdown tactical sniper rifle. It is compact and discreet for transportation in specially designed waterproof and floating o-ring sealed carry cases with approximately 75 cmx40 cmxi5 cm (HO -3). Assembling or breakdown takes 15 seconds if familiar with the weapon. The Windrunner is usually supplied with a 16 x Leupold sniper scope. It was a contender in the US army's SOCOM project for a .50 sniper rifle but lost to the Barrett M95. The Windrunner is extremely durable and rugged, the barrel and receiver are made of hardened steel and coated with teflon. The overall stiffness and the action with little moving parts make this .50 caliber rifle more accurate than comparable weapons. The Windrunner is also available with a 5-shot magazine which is slightly less precise (Shots 5+1, Acc. 12).

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