The British Army adopted this big top-break, self-extracting double-action in 1887 and continued issuing successive models of it until the Mk. VI of 1915. Some continued in service until the 1960s. It had been theoretically obsolete since the mid-i93os, but many troops preferred the reliability and stopping power of the old gun to its replacements. The .455 will also chamber any British service-revolver cartridge identified as .450 or.476. .476s have the same stats as .455s; .450s have the same stats as the Adams .442 caplock. Very similar revolvers in .450, .455, .476 and .442 (cartridge with the same stats as the caplock) were available commercially from 1880 under the names Webley-Kaufmann and Webley-Green. Use the same stats as for the Webley. The Webley-Green was made as a target pistol with precision sights; +2 to Acc at double the cost. Speed-loaders are available from 1889.

7.62 mm Nagant


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