This is the military version (MK23 MODo) of the almost identical civilian HK Mark 23. It was developed for the US Special Operations Command (US-SOCOM) in the Offensive Handgun Weapon System (OHWS) program. The «OHWS» (now know as the HK SOCOM) consists of three components: a .45 caliber pistol, a laser aiming module (LAM), and a sound and flash suppressor. The early rectangular suppressor was not satisfactory and has been replaced by a new tubular one that is more effective (-6 to The LAM has a dual laser, one visible light, and one infrared, visible only with night vision. With suppressor Dmg. is 2d©, and HO is -3, with the laser module HO is -2. In 1996, the first MK 23 pistols were delivered to the US Special Operations Command for operational deployment, making the MK 23 the first caliber .45 ACP pistol to enter US military service since the venerable Government Model 1911A1.




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