The M29 uses the same frame as the M27, but for an even more powerful cartridge. The .44 Magnum has the same relationship to the .44 Special that the .357 Magnum has to the .38 Special: a longer case and hotter load. Any .44 Magnum will chamber .44 Special ammo (use range, damage and recoil stats as for the .44 Russian). S&W had a monopoly on .44 Magnum double-actions until the mid-1960s. From about 1965 to 1975, M29s frequently sold for two or three times the list price, because demand outstripped supply. After 1975, Spanish-made double-actions and, after 1980, the Ruger Redhawk competed with S&W for the market and prices came down. In 1991 Colt finally produced a .44 Mag, the Anaconda. Single-action revolvers for the .44 Magnum were available as soon as the S&W appeared. The best and widest distributed was the Ruger Super Blackhawk, but Spanish and German guns and rechambered Colt SAAB were also on the market. These have the same stats as the S&W except RoF 1. Speed-loaders are available by 1960 for the double action guns.




SS Acc.


Max. Wt.

RoF Shots ST Rcl.


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