The Beretta 93R is a heavy duty variant of the Beretta 92 series pistol, developed for special forces use. It includes a burst fire mechanism, and is selectable between semiautomatic and three round burst modes of fire. Each burst has a Rcl. of -3 if using the folding foregrip, or Rcl -6 if firing with only one hand. Unlike the standard 92, the 93R incorporates a single action trigger mechanism and a heavy slide. The Beretta 93R includes an extended 156 mm barrel with an integral compensator machined into it. Also included is a folding front grip attached to the enlarged trigger guard. When used in tandem with the detachable folding shoulder stock (+0.27 kg), these systems make the 93R a controllable, compact automatic weapon system. Standard 92 series 15-round magazines can be used along with standard or Brigadier-length barrels, if compactness is of utmost priority. 30-round extended magazines are also available. The Beretta 93R is no longer in production.

Weapon Malf.


SS Acc.






ST Rcl.

Cost HO

Steyr Tactical MP crit.


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