The MSG90 («Militärisches Scharfschützengewehr» -military marksman rifle) is the advanced successor of the PSG-i, which was initially produced in 1990. The MSG90 was designed as a cheaper alternative to the well-known PSG-i rifle. Based on the same old G3 design, The MSG90 features a PSG-i trigger group, with a light 1.3 kg trigger pull, stock adjustable for height and pull, though smaller and lighter than the PSG-i buttstock. Also, unlike the PSG-i, the scope mount is removable and features a newer mount that is found on only a few of the H&K rifles (the MSG90, the HK2iE and 23E and the now out of production G41 series), as compared to the more conventional claw mounts. The muzzle of the barrel features a weight to aid in the harmonic stabilization of barrel whip for enhanced accuracy.




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