The G41 assault rifle had been developed by Heckler & Koch, Germany in early the 1980s from based on the HK33 as a companion to the G11. While the caseless G11 was to be issued to front line troops, the G41 was intended for second line troops. After the G11 program collapsed due to financial and political reasons in the early 1990s, the G41 was offered to many customers but due to the steep price found no sales, regardless of the high quality, and was cancelled in 1992. Basically, the G41 is a further development of the early G3 rifle, featuring the same roller-delayed blowback action, but chambered for 5.56 mm NATO ammunition. It also featured the standard 0-1-3-30 trigger group (safe, single shot, 3-round burst and fully automatic). The G41 accepts STANAG compatible magazines and scope mounts and sports a silent bolt closure mechanism (similar to the «forward assist device» on the M16A1 and M16A2), an integral dust cover on the ejection port and an integral side-folding carrying handle. The G41 is available with either a fixed polymer butt or telesopic butt (HO -4, SS 11, Acc 8 and Rcl -2 when folded). Underbar-rel accessories for the HK33 can be used with the G41, a model with the HK79 grenade launcher is available as the G41TGS («Tactical Group Support») with an add on ladder grenade sight. A slightly shorter carbine version, the G41K, is usually fitted with a retractable stock (HO -4, SS 11, Acc 7, Rcl -2 when folded) and cannot launch rifle grenades or use other standard accessories.




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