Short Barrel Shotgun Remington

5 000 € -5

In the early 1980s the US military started the CAWS program («Close Assault Weapon System»). The main goal of this program was to develop a new generation of personal firearms, capable of firing high-impulse, multiple projectiles with an effective range of 100-150 meters. The usage of multiple projectiles should increase the chances of hitting the target in combat. One of the teams that entered in the CAWS race, was German Heckler & Koch together with Winchester/Olin (USA). H&K was responsible for developing the actual gun, while Winchester/Olin were responsible for the development of new types of ammunition. The CAWS is a select-fire, smoothbore weapon, designed to fire special, high-presure shotshells, loaded with tungsten buckshot or flechettes. It uses a patented recoil-operated action with a moving barrel and an additional self-regulated gas-assist system used to unlock the breechblock from the barrel if low-power rounds are used. The main goal of this system was to decrease the felt recoil down to a suitable level. The CAWS is somewhat similar in appearance to H&Ks G11 advanced assault rifle, built in bull-pup configuration, with an integral carrying handle featuring a built-in scope with 2X magnification. The ambidextrous charging handle is located under the carrying handle at the top of the receiver. The standard H&K-style safety-switch/fire selector has 3 position: Safe, Semi-auto and four-round bursts. The H&K CAWS was tested by the US Military, but the whole CAWS program was closed, and the CAWS development frozen.The CAWS was never made available to the general public, only prototypes maybe found. The special high-power tungsten flechette ammunition is not useable with normal shotguns and might be hard to obtain since it effectively has to be handcrafted. Another special round for this weapon fires a high-power buckshot that is also not useable with normal shotguns (Dmg. 6d, Y2D 50, Max. 200). The CAWS may use normal shotgun ammunition, however (Dmg. 5d, Acc. 5, V2D 25, Max. 150, Rcl. -1).

Weapon Malf. Dmg. SS Acc. i/2Dmg. Max. Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl. Cost HO

Ithaca «Stakeout» crit. 5d 10 2 25 150 2.5 2~ 4+1 12 -5 200 € -3 12 gauge

This modified Ithaca Model 37 (or the similar Model 87), often called the «Stakeout», has only a pistol grip and no buttstock. It can be slung from the shoulder under a coat or jacket and may be quickly drawn into action. The Stakeout may be mounted under the barrel of a assault or battle rifle. It is available in 12g as well as 20g (Dmg. 3d, Rcl. -3). Other short-barreled shotguns with pistol grip and without shoulder stock (a.k.a. «Whippet» guns), like the Mossberg 590 Compact, the Remington Sidewinder Model SW-PC and the Remington SBS are similar (use same statistics).

Sidewinder Model




SS Acc.






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