The largest version of Col. Samuel Colt's Paterson Revolver, the gun that made all men equal. This was intended to be carried in pairs in saddle holsters. Similar but smaller guns in .28, .31 and .34 caliber came on sale in 1836. The .28s use the same stats as the SW No. 1 (see below); .31s have the same stats, except that damage is 1d; .34s have the same stats as .36s except that damage is 2d-2. These were the first mass-production revolvers. At a price any working man could pay, they were reliable and easy to repair. These first Colts were not widely available because Colt could not get his finances in order. GMs should allow them to be purchased only in the largest cities of the U.S. East and South, except in unusual circumstances.




SS Acc. V2Dmg.

Max. Wt.

RoF Shots ST

Rcl. Cost

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