The P7 line of pistols can be drawn, cocked, and fired accurately faster than any other pistol. The unique HK cocking lever allows the P7 to be carried safely with a round in the chamber, yet it is ready to fire by the intentional tightening of the fingers around the grip. Releasing the cocking lever decocks the P7 immediately and renders it completely safe. The unique P7 gas system retards the movement of the recoiling slide during firing and eliminates the need for a conventional locking mechanism. The diverted chamber gasses are used to extract the spent casing, regardless of weapon orientation, and even with a broken extractor. As a result, the spent casings bear a distinctive scorch pattern, as do the casings from almost every H&K weapon. A low profile slide contributes to the balanced center of gravity and overall compact size of the P7. Constructed of a tough, scratch-resistant alloy, the low profile keeps the recoiling mass to a minimum. Combined with the optimal grip angle of 110 degrees, the result is an accurate, low recoil pistol; well suited for military and law enforcement users. The P7 Line comes in five different models:

The P7M8 is the basic model for which the above statistics are. The P7M13 differs from the P7M8 by incorporating a slightly wider frame to house a double-stacked 13-round magazine. Weight is 848 g. The P7M10 is somewhat similar to the P7M13, though it is chambered for the more powerful .40 S&W cartridge (Dmg. 2d+2, Rcl. -2) and incorporates double-stacked io-round magazine. It also has a slightly heavier slide in order to offset the heavier recoil of the .40 S&W round. Weight is 820 g. The P7M7 is slightly larger than the P7M8 and fires the heavy .45 ACP cartridge from a single-stacked 7-round magazine. Instead of using the usual P7 gas system to delay the recoiling slide, the P7M7 uses an oil-filled cylinder inside of which a piston must pass, thereby delaying the recoil movement of the slide. This system eliminates the need for a conventional locking mechanism, and keeps felt recoil to a minimum (Dmg. 3d-i, Rcl. -1). Barrel length is 127 mm and weight is 1 kg. The P7K3 is the compact version in the P7 series. Available in .380 ACP caliber (Dmg. 2d, Rcl. -1), with conversion kits for .22 Long Rifle and .32 ACP. Unlike the other pistols in the P7 series, the P7K3 uses a simple blowback operation; no delay is necessary with these light calibers. Barrel length is 96 mm and weight is 750 g.




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