The MP5K is the short version («K» for «Kurz» or «short») of the well-known MP5. There were several modifications until it was replaced by the modernized H&K PDW. The MP5KA4 has a 3-round burst option, while the earlier MP5K does not have it. The MP5KA1 has small, nonadjustable sights for faster draw (Acc 2, Fast-Draw +1) while the more modern MP5KA5 also has the 3-round burst option in addition to the low-profile sights. H&K also provides a special briefcase that can hold a MP5K with a 30-round magazine and a cleaning kit. The gun can be fired while inside the briefcase by using a trigger mechanism and a safety built into the briefcase handle. There is also a similar attaché case, but it does not have the trigger mechanism: The gun inside is fired by inserting the firing hand into the attaché case and pulling the trigger. Rcl is -1 when firing single shots. Magazines are available in 15 & 30 rounds capacity.

Parabellum Matic Line

Jati-Matic crit. 2d+2 10 5 160 1 900 2.2 10* 20+1 8 -1 700 € -3 9x19mm Parabellum

This is a very unusual machine pistol designed in Finland by Jaati Tumari and manufactured at Tampeeren Asepaja Oy. It was produced during 1980-1987. In 1995 the Jati-Matic apeared again, under the name of GG-95 PDW from finnish company Oy Golden Gun Ltd. It has a patented inclined bolt: Instead of sliding straight back, the bolt slides up an incline away from the barrel, forcing the weapon down and retarding the bolt's travel. This allows the grip to be placed higher and in line with the barrel and the weapon's recoil. With the higher grip, the recoil does not force the weapon to pivot upwards in the firer's hand (it just pushes backwards and stays on target). Other features in the Jati-Matic include a folding foregrip that acts as a safety when folded and progressive trigger (half-pull giving single shots and pulling the trigger all the way back giving full automatic fire). There are 20 and 40-round magazines available for the Jati-Matic. Using a 20- round magazine improves Holdout to -2. Thanks to the inclined bolt and the folding foregrip, the Jati-Matic is one of the most controllable machine pistols to fire, even on full auto. The strange «bent» shape of the weapon does not help instinctive shooting: earlier models have SS 12. Models produced in the mid-90s and onwards have straightened receiver top that corrects this problem (SS 10).

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