1 11 -2 500€C


This was a small, sleek gun of considerable power and accuracy. This is a single piece, but Henry Deringer (originally from Germany, the name Deringer is a parody of «Thüringer», meaning «from Thuringia») frequently sold the guns as cased pairs, or even sets of four. It was much faster to draw another gun than to reload. A pair of Deringers in the trouser pockets and a Bowie knife in the tail coat pocket completed the ensemble of the well dressed gambler, lawyer or congressman of the 1840s. John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln with a very similar piece.



Dmg. SS

Acc. i/2Dmg. Max. Wt.

RoF Shots ST Rcl. Cost HO

Remington Double-Derringer


1d® 11

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