The Sharps 50 «Big Fifty» was one of the few guns to make a successful transition from caplock to cartridge. The strong, dropping-block action was equally well-suited to linen cartridges and to the long, straight-cased, black-powder rounds used for big game and longrange target shooting. The Sharps was the favorite rifle of affluent buffalo hunters. (Poor ones favored the Springfield .50-70) The .50-90 cartridge (also called the .50-100 and .50-110 depending on the exact load) first appeared in 1875; it is the «Big Fifty» of buffalo hunting fame. .52 (or .54 or .56, different names for the same bullet) caplock Sharps guns were available from 1851 (Dmg. 5d; V2D 500; Max. 3 000, RoF V6, Rcl -2). Cartridge Sharps are available from 1867. Ammunition is interchangeable with the Springfield .50-70. After 1880, Sharps rifles were made for the .50-140 cartridge on special order (Cost twice normal, Dmg. 6d+2®). .50-90 ammunition will fire in a .50-140-chambered rifle, but not vice-versa.



Dmg. SS Acc.

1/2Dmg. Max. Wt.

RoF Shots ST Rcl.

Cost HO

Springfield Trapdoor

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